Examples from various factories

At the heart of logistics: Learn about how implementing Mighty Cars can help rapidly boost operational efficiency.

All factories face unique problems. Mighty Cars help facilitate solutions, by ensuring those on the ground are able to respond accordingly.

Industry Type:Factories

Goal:Improving operational efficiency

Before and After

Before Implementation

Prior to introducing Mighty Cars to the site, transportation within confined spaces—such as areas containing large amounts of materials—was extremely difficult.

After Implemetation

Mighty Cars, with their tight turning radiuses, are now an integral part of the factory.


 A vehicle being used for sanitation work inside an electric machinery factory.
 A vehicle used to transport parts in a production factory.
 A vehicle used to transport parts for a vehicle manufacturer.
 A vehicle used to transport parts along the assembly line in an automotive plant.
 A long-bodied gasoline-powered vehicle manufactured exclusively to transport piping for a gas company.
 A Mighty Car with a Raku Raku Hand Crane mounted on its bed.