Examples from Airports

Examples from Haneda International Airport

Every day, hundreds of travellers coming in and out of Haneda International Airport rely on PASSECAs to get to their final destinations.

Examples from Haneda International Airport

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Industry Type:Airports

Goal:Improving operational efficiency


Before and After

Before Implementation

Before implementing PASSECAs, there was a significant strain on human resources.

More specifically, it would take a very long time for employees to properly provide guidance and support to those in need—especially physically disabled travellers.

After Implemetation

Now, elderly travellers, travellers with physical disabilities, and travellers with small children are able to safely and effortlessly get where they need to go, thanks to the 8 PASSECASs in operation at Haneda International Airport.


 These vehicles are used in the luggage sorting areas on the first floor of Haneda Airport’s Domestic Terminal 1.
 A PASSECA on standby in the departures area of Haneda Airport’s International Terminal.
 A PASSECA used for picking up travellers at Chitose Airport’s International Terminal.