Other examples of Mighty Cars at work

Mighty Cars can be found just about anywhere, and they are being used in new exciting ways every day.

Industry Type:Parks, railways, zoos, etc.

The Purpose:Improving operational efficiency, and much more.

Before and After

Before Implementation

I thought Mighty Cars were only useful for marketplaces.

We needed to improve our company’s operational efficiency, but all the while we didn’t even think to consider the possibility of using Mighty Cars as a solution.

After Implemetation

We weren’t completely sure how we would incorporate Mighty Cars in our business, but Kanto Machinery Center helped us every step of the way, from proposing solutions to offering customization options. Once the Mighty Cars arrived, our operations improved almost immediately.


 A vehicle being used in a park to transport tree branches.
 A vehicle being used for sanitation work in Sapporo’s Odori park
 Vehicles being used to transport animals and dispose of waste at a zoo.
 A vehicle used for transporting animals at the Ueno Zoo.
 A modified Mighty Car which acts as a fire engine for a railway factory.
 A DC1000 in use at the Kurobe Alpine Route's Kurobe Cable Car area and train station.
 A vehicle used for transporting animals at the Ueno Zoo.