Examples from marketplaces in Japan

Kanto Machinery Center’s Mighty Cars play an essential role in supporting the logistics of Japan’s busiest marketplaces.

Industry Type:Marketplaces

Goal:Improving operational efficiency

Before and After

Before Implementation

Before the implementation of Mighty Cars, special attention had to be paid to every aspect of operations, from manpower to the environment.

As a result, Mighty Cars were tasked with addressing a wide range of modern needs and environental concerns.

After Implemetation

Electric vehicles became mainstream, improving transportation and logistics, while at the same time addressing environmental issues.

As a result, Mighty Cars have evolved to meet the needs of each specific marketplace, and are now utilized by an ever-growing number of workers.

 A BN5 being operated at the Karak Market in Seoul.
 Two BN-1s getting a much needed charge after a job well done at the Ota Market in Tokyo.
 A BN-5 at Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market’s Sumida River Wharf
 A BN-5 waiting to load a tuna purchased at the market.
 A BN-1 at Tokyo’s Ota Market, preparing to make a delivery.
 A shot of the one of the nearly 600 natural gas-powered CNGs in operation at the Sapporo Marketplace in Hokkaido.
 Mighty Cars being used for training in preparation for the opening of the Toyosu Market in Tokyo.