This vehicle was designed with comfort in mind, featuring a low floor for easy boarding and deboarding, as well as an anti-vibration step to absorb the vibration and reduce strain to the driver.

features various advanced specifications to optimize usability in markets dealing in marine products.

Bed size:1100×1950
Purpose:Fruits and vegetables

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  • Low Floor and Anti-Vibration Step

    The low floor reduces the amount of physical exertion by the operator by lowering the amount of effort it takes to board and deboard; while the anti-vibration step further reduces stress by absorbing the majority of bumps and shakes.

  • Accelerator Cover

    The accelerator cover reduces the need to continuously operate the accelerator for long periods of time. Frequent operation is easy due to the handle grip, which comes standard on this model.

  • Rubber Marine Bed

    The vehicle be was designed to optimize usability in markets dealing in marine products and liquids. Special attention was paid to every part to ensure high levels of water and rust resistance. Instead of wood, the truck bed utilizes a more hygenic rubber lining.


Total Length(mm)3,200
Total Width(mm)1,100
Total Height(mm)Approx. 1,760
Length of loading space1,950
Width of loading space1,100
Height of loading space480
Vehicle Weight(Kg)570
Height of step(mm)330
Dimensions of front wheel5.00-8 One wheel
Dimensions of rear wheel4.00-8 Two wheel
Loading platform typeSteel
EngineName of engine/modelGX390-GCBDT
TypeAir-cooled 4-cycle tilted type (OHV)
Total Displacement(L)0.389
Maximum Output (Kw/rpm)8.7/3600
Maximum Torque (N-m/rpm)26.5/2500
Fuel Tank (L)11
PerformanceMaximum Payload(Kg)1,000
Maximum Speed(Km/h)15
Maximum hill climbing force (degree)10°


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