Kanto Machinery Center also operates a leasing business, which includes maintenance, to ensure vehicles are operated safely in marketplaces all over Japan. Products include transport vehicles, forklifts, and automobiles. In Fukuoka and Osaka, we have established a directly managed maintenance system.

Daily Inspection and Maintenance

We carry out the following inspection and maintenance procedures daily:
(1) Battery liquid inspection and management
(2) Brake adjustment
(3) Chain adjustment
(4) Inspection, adjustment, and lubrication of various other parts
(5) A monthly inspection as mandated by Japan’s Forklift Law

Forklift Annual Inspection and Maintenance

According to Japan’s Industrial Safety and Health Law, a “Specific Voluntary Inspection System" must be established for forklifts. The law states that a voluntary inspection by qualified personnel must be carried out regularly once every year. We ensure that our offices and distributors satisfy the requirements of the law by deploying qualified personnel to perform the inspections.


From the early hours of the morning, our sales offices and distributors are available to perform specially-tailored after-sales service to meet the needs of any marketplace.

Automobile Inspection, Repair, Etc.

With the exception of a few distributors, we inspect and repair our partners’ general-use automobiles, in cooperation with maintenance companies.